Wed, Sep 2 - 7pm - $20
Tributosaurus becomes...
The Chicago Tribune: “I have seen the future of rock 'n' roll, and its name is Tributosaurus.”Tributosaurus strives to do for rock and roll what a symphony orchestra does for classical; treat the music with the respect it deserves, and deliver it to a listener’s ear in glorious detail. They accomplish this goal by utilizing the finest musicians Chicagoland has to offer, and by cutting no corners. If a Stevie Wonder tune has 6 horns, 3 keyboards, and 4 strings, then that’s what you get on stage. If a Santana song needs 3 guitars and 4 percussionists, so be it. Every month, one band is given the treatment, now totaling more than 90 over the first 9 years of the project. The members of Tributosaurus are musical anthropologists, as songs are excavated, dissected, and reconstituted to replicate the original with proper reverence. They aren’t really a tribute band, but are every tribute band. There are no costumes and there is no make-up, because with Tributosaurus, the music is the star.The band is comprised of five core members (Dan Leali, Curt Morrison, Chris Neville, Jon Paul, and Matt Spiegel), who are joined by artists with credits too numerous to mention. Tributosaurus has sold out shows all over Chicago, and their gigs are an event. Fans commune with the musicians, paying homage to songs that made us all fall in love with music in the first place.
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The Rolling Stones 


Thu, Sep 3 - 9:30pm - No Cover
Fri, Sep 4 - 9pm - $12adv/$15door
Sat, Sep 5 - 9pm - $10
Tue, Sep 8 - 8pm - $15adv/$18door
Fri, Sep 11 - 8pm - No Cover
Sat, Sep 12 - 9:30pm - $8
Sun, Sep 13 - 8pm - No Cover
Mon, Sep 14 - 8pm - $7
Tue, Sep 15 - 8pm - $7
Thu, Sep 17 - 8pm - $7
Fri, Sep 18 - 8pm - No Cover
Sat, Sep 19 - 9pm - $8
Mon, Sep 21 - 8pm - $10
Tue, Sep 22 - 8pm - $7
Wed, Sep 23 - 8pm - $10
Thu, Sep 24 - 8pm - $15
Fri, Sep 25 - 9pm - $10