Fri, Aug 1 - 9pm - $8
The Webstirs
Preston Pisellini (guitars/vocals) and Mark Winkler (keyboards/vocals) began their collaboration as childhood friends in the Chicago, Illinois suburb of Elmhurst penning 'Leroy', a semi-autobiographical musical about a stowaway rat that becomes the Emperor of Rome. The collaboration continued in the formation of several bands at the Univeristy of Illinois where the two attended and eventually led to the creation of The Webstirs with the release of their first album, Smirk (1996), a nod to the then unreleased Beach Boys legendary album Smile. Smirk was followed by two full lengths, Rocket to the Moon (1996) and Radio Racket (2000) And the 7" Gallaudet/Liberty Camp on Chicago's Ginger Records. After the release of Radio Racket, The Webstirs, then featuring Ed Schaller (Twiggy) and Russ Horvath (Sarge) went on to pursue other projects. But Pisellini and Winkler continued their collaboration and began creating demos for songs that would eventually lead to the creation of their fourth album, So Long. Spurred by their long time friend and producer Matt Allison (Less Than Jake/Alkaline Trio/Lawrence Arms), Pisellini and Winkler began work on a new album in 2006 with the support of former band mate Ed Schaller and soon solidified into the current Webstirs' lineup featuring former Redwalls drummer Jordan Kozer, bassist extraordinaire Charlie Short, and guru guitarist Geoff Benge. The Webstirs' new album, So Long (2009) on Ginger Records, features songs crafted over several years by two long-time collaborating songwriters and energized by a new rhythm section. Imbued with the rich harmonies and pop sensibilities of Rocket to the Moon and Radio Racket it is at once a continuation of their previous work and the embarkation on a new direction.
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Phil Angotti
Phil Angotti has become a household name in the power-pop musical world, especially in his hometown Chicago where he's been performing for 20 years now. He has performed as a solo act through-out his career, and with several bands, most notably the Fleas, the Scuffle, the Beatle Brothers, Not the Beatles (with Brad & Graham Elvis) and his long-time original group, the Idea. He has released 10 different albums over the years, been on several CD compilations and tributes, and has made numerous radio appearances as a solo artist, Beatle Brother and leader of the Idea. Known for his strong lead vocals and versatile harmony singing, he is also an innovative guitarist (acoustic and electric). His style is diverse mixture of British 60's power pop, American folk rock, and modern guitar pop, played mostly with an explosive energy and sensibility. As a songwriter - he has proven again and again he can write melodies and hooks with the best of them and his penned numerous original songs (108 recorded to date).
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The Hurtin Kind
Underneath all the hooks and well crafted melodies lay songs about life on life's terms. Love, hate, all of lifes victories and defeats. The Hurtin Kind play music for grown ups about the world as we see and experience it. It's a joyous noise , so c'mon along for the ride!
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Keiffer Mclean 


Sat, Aug 2 - 9pm - $8
Tue, Aug 5 - 8pm - $8
Wed, Aug 6 - 7pm - $20
Thu, Aug 7 - 9:30pm - No Cover
Fri, Aug 8 - 9pm - $8
Sat, Aug 9 - 9:30pm - $10adv/$12door
Wed, Aug 13 - 8pm - $8
Thu, Aug 14 - 7pm - $10
Fri, Aug 15 - 9:30pm - $8
Sat, Aug 16 - 9pm - $8
Tue, Aug 19 - 8pm - $7
Wed, Aug 20 - 8pm - $7
Fri, Aug 22 - 9pm - $8
Mon, Aug 25 - 8pm - $8
Tue, Aug 26 - 8pm - $8
Wed, Aug 27 - 9pm - $7
Thu, Aug 28 - 8pm - $10