Fri. Oct. 31 - 6pm - $7 ALL AGES
The UnGnomes
The UnGnomes are a young punk rock sensation from Chicago.Since their formation at a party in spring 2011, they have been disturbing and entertaining audiences with their dark and rye humor. Come to their show, or they will cry.
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Fredoo .45 
Fri, Oct 31 - 9pm - $10
Terrible Spaceship
TERRIBLE SPACESHIP: It was sweeping round swiftly and steadily, this flaming death, this invisible, inevitable sword of heat. I perceived it coming towards me by the flashing bushes it touched, and was too astounded and stupefied to stir. I heard the crackle of fire in the sand pits and the sudden squeal of a horse that was as suddenly stilled. Then it was as if an invisible yet intensely heated finger were drawn through the heather between me and the Martians, and all along a curving line beyond the sand pits the dark ground smoked and crackled.
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The Need and The Night
The Need and The Night isGroove-driven soul/r&b from Gina Bloom & Chuck Sansone of The Congregation.
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New World Ancients becomes The B-52's
Imagine the soundtrack for a film noir version of a Greek tragedy set in the future, and you might be close to The New World Ancients’ sound. It’s progressive rock meets art rock meets psych rock meets new wave, et cetera. The music is agreeably contradictory: both punishing and subtle, aggressive yet sensual, heightened though approachable; it’s artsy rock and roll that will horrify and delight you. Each show is a grand affair, and they employ their theatricality to the fullest in the live setting. You’ve never heard anything quite like these guys, but you’ll be glad you did. They've been getting a lot of attention with press and radio with their recently released leviathan of an album, Temporal Beast. Shawn Kellner of Chicago Music Magazine says, "They are by far the most original local band that has come across my desk in 2012 and Temporal Beast is the best local debut album I have come across in 2012. After listening to this album, I am a hands down a fan and supporter of this band for life."
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Funky Hot Grits
Funky Hot Grits is an eclectic soul band based in Chicago. We draw inspiration from musical traditions along the Mississippi and her tributaries - Memphis soul, New Orleans Funk, Chicago rhythm and blues- to create a fresh cohesive voice. Our sound contains elements of Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, and James Brown, and contemporary voices like Ray LaMontagne, Marc Broussard, and Amy Winehouse.
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Sun, Nov 2 - 11:30am - $10 at the door
Tue, Nov 4 - 8pm - $7
Wed, Nov 5 - 7pm - $20
Thu, Nov 6 - 7pm - $15
Thu, Nov 6 - 9:30pm - No Cover
Fri, Nov 7 - 9:30pm - $8
Sat, Nov 8 - 9pm - $15
Mon, Nov 10 - 8pm - $7
Tue, Nov 11 - 8pm - $10adv/$12door
Wed, Nov 12 - 8pm - $10adv/$12door
Thu, Nov 13 - 9pm - $12
Fri, Nov 14 - 9pm - $22
Sat, Nov 15 - 9:30pm - $15adv/$17door
Mon, Nov 17 - 8pm - $7
Tue, Nov 18 - 8pm - $15
Wed, Nov 19 - 8pm - $7
Fri, Nov 21 - 9pm - $12adv/$15door