Sun, Jul 21 - 9pm - $13adv/$15door

  Talking Heads tribute band, This Must Be the Band, will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Speaking in Tounges". They will play the album at the very end of the night both nights. There will be a full requests set, short break, second request set for 20 minutes and then the album.

This Must Be the Band

“This Must Be the Band” is Chicago’s only and therefore best Talking Heads Tribute Band; they only play Talking Heads music, and, if possible, 3 to 4 hours at a time.They formed in May 2007 on Craigslist and played the coveted pizza joint circuit, the most notable of which was the city-famous Piece Pizza in Wicker Park. Since then, they have expanded east to NYC and west to Boise, ID (yes, THAT Boise, ID). They have two main dishes on their menu: the first is a succulent “All-Request Show,” with a generous helping of audience participation, flavored slightly by improvisation. The second is the hailed “Stop Making Sense Re-Creation,” where they perform note-for-note and prop-for-prop the famous Talking Heads concert film from 1984. In 2011, they performed this show to a sold-out crowd at the Vic Theatre in Chicago.This Must be the Band is extremely happy to play Talking Heads music night after night because the music is just that much fun. Not only has the lead singer (Charlie Otto) been called “the illegitimate son of David Byrne,” but the band boasts its very own Tina Weymouth (Jamie Jay), Bernie Worrell (Jim Dinou), Adrian Belew (covered by both Otto and Dinou), and Ednah Holt (Kasey Foster). TMBTB is available for any gathering where people need to dance: parties, weddings, bars, etc.


 With a sound born out of the combination of funk roots with jazz and electronic music, Genome has been impressing audiences with their tight sound and getting them on the dance floor with infectious grooves. Undeniable and unrelenting, Drew Littell, Patrick Dinnen, and Asif Wilson form a rhythm section that will not be stopped. Coupled with the stylings of multi-instrumentalist Xavier Galdon, saxophonist Kyle Madsen, and guitarist Igor Voltchenko, the lush sounds of Genome will have you partying all night long!

Price: $13